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Meet the Ludow Fresca Staff!


A birb who enjoys staying up late on her phone and daydreaming about how she's the main character.
Current Fixations: Genshin Impact, historical manhwas, anime, Truck-kun, and Buc-ee's dark chocolate almonds


An independent dog who gets what she wants and enjoys smell-sniffing (since she can't do a whole lot of sight-seeing).
Current Fixations: Sleeping, eating, sleeping, checking the food bowl, sleeping, walks, and sleeping


A dog of many thoughts. Named after Lunafreya Nox Fleuret from Final Fantasy XV cause I thought she was cool.
Current Fixations: Sunbathing, car rides, squirrels, cuddles, people watching, and splooting


A dog with various names. Sunny. SunBun. Sonya. Sunnybunnyhoneymoneyshasha. She just a baby.
Current Fixations: Swimming in the pool, her pirate rubber chicken, intruding on personal space, and water

Convention Portfolio


Key Fob Wristlets . Lanyards . Scrunchies . Pin Banners . Zipper Pouches . Collars


Stickers . Washi Tape . Spiral Notebooks . Sticker Books . Bookmarks


Convention Schedule


Anime 405January 27-28Oklahoma City, OK
DreamHack DallasMay 31 - June 2Dallas, TX
SOKC FanFestJune 15Oklahoma City, OK
SoonerconJune 21-23Norman, OK
OtakonAugust 2-4Washington, DC
WindblumeAugust 23-25Mesquite, TX
San JapanAugust 31 - September 2San Antonio, TX
Anime405December 14-15Oklahoma City, OK


GalaxyCon AustinSeptember 1-3Austin, TX
Anime FrontierDecember 8-10Fort Worth, TX
OkiConDecember 29-31Norman, OK